Bory Tucholskie National Park

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Rules for visiting and use of the "Bory Tucholskie" National Park

Rules concerning visiting and using the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park

  1. The area of the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park is rendered available for scientific, educational, cultural, tourist and sports purposes. Regulations of the Director of the Park regulate rendering available of the Park.
  2. The entrance to the Park is subject to fees in the form of entrance tickets. The fees shall be paid at designated points or transferred to the bank account of the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park.
  3. The Park may be visited from dawn to dusk, irrespective of the season, only on marked tourist and educational trails, on foot, by bike or cross-country skis.
  4. The maximal number of persons in educational or visiting groups is established to be 30 persons.
  5. Organized tourism (visiting groups) may be conducted exclusively under the supervision of authorized guides.
  6. On the area of the National Park it is forbidden to:
    • catch or kill wild animals, destroy their burrows, nests and other shelters;
    • collect wild plants and mushrooms as well as their parts;
    • solicit, destroy or intentionally damage plants or mushrooms;
    • burn fires, use open fire or sources of light with live flame;
    • disturb the silence;
    • smoke tobacco products except for fishing boat mooring places and vehicle parking slots;
    • practice water or motor sports, swim or sail;
    • take a bath or explore water reservoirs;
    • run any manufacturing or commercial activities;
    • bivouac;
    • drive vehicles beyond public roads;
    • horse ride beyond public roads;
    • walk dogs beyond public roads.
  7. It is admissible to collect fruit of blue berry species and edible mushrooms not subjected to species protection, within the period from 1st June until 31st October, beyond areas of the strict protection, animal sanctuaries, plantations of forests and young trees up to 4 m high.
  8. The following activities require a written consent of the Director of the Park:
    • scientific research running;
    • sports and recreation events organizing;
    • filming and taking photographs for commercial purposes.
  9. Fishing on lakes rendered available is allowed exclusively under a permit issued by the Director of the Park.
  10. The personnel of the Park Services, in relation to conducting duty activities, are authorized to control persons staying on the area of the Park as well as check their permits, licenses or entry tickets.
  11. In case any environmental threat occurs or protection tasks are conducted, all the forms of rendering the Park available may be temporarily suspended.

Staying on the area of the Park during bad weather conditions (heavy precipitations, strong gales, storms, etc.) may pose a threat to health or life.