Bory Tucholskie National Park

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The blue educational trail of Piła Młyn

The trail starts at the locality of Bachorze, near the bus terminal, and it ends at the parking lot, at the vantage point over the Charzykowskie Lake. The trail leads though the most attractive areas of the Park and allows for getting acquainted with its diversified fauna and flora, as well as with various genetic and limnological types of lakes. In order to walk through the whole trail one needs to cover about 5.7 km, which shall take approximately 2.5 h. The route of the trail is marked in the field with white squares of 10 cm-sides with a blue strip 3 cm wide. Thirteen stops have been planned within the trail:

  1. Lichens and their importance
  2. The twinflower as the example of the post-glacial relict 
  3. Useful insects – ants
  4. The Napoleon Cross
  5. Active protection of birds and bats 
  6. Bee-keeping
  7. The dystrophic Kacze Oko Lake
  8. The Płęsno Lake
  9. Natural monuments 
  10. The strict protection area
  11. The Skrzynka Lake
  12. Active protection of amphibians
  13. The Charzykowskie Lake

All the stops have been marked with posts. Taking a trip one may use a guidebook under the title of "Piła Młyn" by Beata Grabowska and Maria Chybowska.

The route of the trail