Bory Tucholskie National Park

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The green educational trail around the lobelia Wielkie Gacno Lake

This is the longest educational trail of the Park and it starts near the seat of the Protection District in Bachorze (the forester’s lodge) and the Field Educational Base of the Park, just on the other side of the roadway, at the place of the former MZK bus terminal, and it ends in Funka, just at the roadway. The trail is about 6.6 km and it takes about 3.0 h to cover that trail. We may see here lobelia lakes with characteristic for them flora, the succession at the near-the-lake zone and on the dune. This is the best place to get acquainted with inhabitants of the forest, dune and lakes. Similarly, as in case of previous trails, this trail is marked with white squares, this time with diagonal green strips. Seven stops have been established on the trail:

  1. Tapping of trees
  2. The succession on the dune
  3. Tree hollows
  4. Birch trees, dead timber and scolytus
  5. The lobelia Wielkie Gacno Lake
  6. The succession in the ecotonic zone
  7. The landscape of the vicinity of the Małe Gacno and the Wielkie Gacno Lakes

All the stops have been marked with posts. Taking a tour one may use a guidebook under the title of "Wokół jeziora lobeliowego Wielkie Gacno" (Around the lobelia Wielkie Gacno Lake “ by M. Chybowska, M. Kochanowska and K. Lubińska.

The route of the trail