Bory Tucholskie National Park

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The vantage point

The “Bory Tucholskie” National Park renders available one vantage point over the Charzykowskie Lake intended for people to relax. The vantage point is located on a high reaching 25 m, north – east bank of the reservoir. One may admire a charming view over the Charzykowskie Lake from the Vantage Point. The island that is visible on the left hand side (due to its location in the vicinity of the Bachorze settlement) is called the Bachorze Island or the Island of Love for the Advanced. Before the war it was often visited by scout girls from Funka, and in 1941 partisans of the Home Army were hiding there. The Charzykowskie Lake has one more island called the Island of Love for the Beginners. It is located 2 km from Charzykowy - a summer village situated on south-west edge of the lake. During the interwar period a café operated on the island, bonfires and dancing events were organized there. It was extremely popular among those in love (and its name is derived from that fact). Unfortunately, during the Second World War two tragic accidents of drowning happened during cruises to the island and the café was closed. Currently, there are no traces of the café. On the other hand, one may see two bomb sites, where bombs were dropped on the island during the war.